1. Roll dough with some plain flour on the workbench to about 3mm thickness into a big rectangle.

2. Spread the date paste over the whole surface of the dough (leave one cm on each edge).

3. Spread an even layer of pistachios, cookie crumbs and dark chocolate drops on top of the date paste.

4. Start to roll the pastry from the side closest to you away from you in a spiral keeping it quite tight.

5. Check the video highlight on @shuklondon instagram to see the next bit - cut the roll lengthways and separate the two pieces - cross over on one end and twist. Then twist all the way along to the other end.

6. Place in the babka mould - you don’t need to grease the mould. Let it prove in a warm place for about an hour until it starts to swell and become puffy.

7. Lightly brush the surface of the babka with eggwash.

8. Set the oven to 170c and cook the babka for 30/35 mins.

9. As soon as the babka is out use a pastry brush to generously cover the babka repeatedly with the vanilla syrup – start from one end and move back and forth until it is all used up – it seems like a lot but it absorbs into the dough and keeps it soft and delicious

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